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Baton Rouge, Louisiana
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Experience The Grandeur Of One Of The Most Historic Buildings In Baton Rouge

Built as Baton Rouge's first "skyscraper" in the 1927, our iconic building started out as the headquarters for Louisiana Trust & Savings Bank. After more than 50 years serving as a banking institution, our landmark continues to be informally called the Old Louisiana National Bank building. The original architecture was Art Deco, but there are intriguing elements of Greek Revival design also present, making this one of the most eclectic and interesting structures in downtown Baton Rouge. Murals painted by celebrated New Orleans artist, Angela Gregory, have been painstakingly preserved and adorn the ceilings of our magnificent lobby and restaurant. Carved marble walls and a grand staircase lead down to the original bank vaults that held the treasures of Baton Rouge's elite. Towering above downtown overlooking the Mississippi River, Watermark Baton Rouge Hotel stands as a tribute to the city's history and elegance. Stunningly preserved, our beautiful public spaces and restaurants blend references of the 20's through the 60's with modern design.
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